New Trading and Contracting Company

NTCC - The New Trading & Contracting Company S.A.L. is one of the promising new generation companies that operates in the fields of contracting and entrepreneuring, and who, in addition to the various types of projects that it cares to contract for, seeks to continuously develop the performance of its personnel, technicians and workers, and to update them with the latest techniques and inventions of the art, aiming to expand and improve the accomplishment of its multidimensional specialties.

Although the company is comparatively young in age, yet, the specialized and skilled teams within its staff have helped it compete with older and larger companies, and to be up to the level and standards of competition in bidding, winning and perfectly executing a significant number of public tenders, the matter that was behind its horizontal growth and geographical expansion.

NTCC commenced its business back in 1996; with just the "Electrical" department and a few but dedicated staff members. Few months later, and as a wish of the company's administration to widen the scope of business, NTCC launched the "Landscaping" department, then it embarked the "Cleaning & Maintenance" department, and in mid 1999, NTCC introduced the "Catering" department, and later, in early 2000, the "Garbage collection & Street Sweeping" department.

On April/2006 NTCC, and in a step to go regionally in the Arab World, established a branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; an office was opened in Riyadh after registering the company Foreign Investment Regulations.

Today, NTCC - The New Trading & Contracting Company S.A.L. hires more than 450 people, ranging between administrators, managers and head of departments, supervisors, foremen and daily workers. It owns a fleet of over 60 different sized vehicles & specialized machines, and it executes more than 200 contracts, in different locations in Lebanon, owned by both, the public and the private sectors.

As you are introduced to the contents of this file, you will get a comprehensive and detailed idea about the activities and works performed by NTCC, as well as the centers, locations and institutions that the company works within.

We hope that the attached information are sufficient to give you a closer idea about who we are and what we do, and we look forward to serving you, your businesses and projects at the best possible level of service.